Data Science Engineer

Company:Agiletal Tecnologies Inc
Location:Middlesex, NJ
I.T. & T.
Job Category:
I.T. & T.
Full time
Employment Type:Full time

Job Description:

  • The Data Scientist 2 work assignments are varied and frequently require interpretation and independent determination of the appropriate courses of action
  • The Data Scientist uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to develop sophisticated models, using both structured and unstructured data sets for analysis
  • Use techniques from supervised and unsupervised machine learning, statistical analysis, Or predictive modeling to deliver business insights to prospects and customers
  • Work directly with customers to educate them on "moving beyond BI" and training their internal resources to execute advanced forms of analytics
  • Create reusable implementations of statistical tests and models using the available technologies in the ecosystem
  • Work with the academic and business community to develop new techniques and to contribute to research in the area of advanced analytics on large databases
  • Generate new product requirements for the engineering group to enhance the analytics capabilities of the database
  • Assist in customer engagement management, requirements definition, project scoping, timeline management, and results documentation to ensure professional relationship management
  • Use machine learning techniques to assess outcomes of interventions, clinical programs or marketing campaigns
  • Build 'smart' systems that learn from health intervention outcomes over time

Company Info

Address:400 South Ave, Suite#8
Phone: 9088008306