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Company:Astir IT Solutions Inc
I.T. & T.
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I.T. & T.
Employment Type:Training

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I (Srikanth) would like to introduce myself as what commonly is understood or given a tag of “Talent Acquisition Specialist” with Astir IT,
As a part of my job role we do look out for the ideal candidate, evaluate all the skill sets possessed, do the necessary checks and match it with the requirements on hand and forward it to the companies and if need be check the status of VISA ( H1 B, GC) and help in the process too.

This is the part we do which is what most of others do too. I would add up few more things with the experience I have acquired over the past decade is that even try to evaluate the parameters not mentioned in your resume, as you would agree that the resume is made with few points to impress upon your skills but not necessarily your interests, likings, preferences or could be some personal factors most of which could even the intangible points.

I can assure you that your expectations would be kept in mind and fit in till the nearest possible extent so that you can have a Happy and successful work – life balance.
Hope this would comfort you in help us in being partners in your work life.
we have had during past couple of years, strong marketing, more clients have been added to the portfolio, increase in immigration success rate etc. etc.

FannieMae, GE, CTS, L&T, Infosys-Apple, Oncor, SkIP of NY, Cal State, WIldlife conservative society, Coremedia, OTIS, Volvo etc
If you are interested please send the resume for review.

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Address:50 Cragwood Rd, Suite # 219, South Plainfield, NJ
Location:New Jersey, NJ
Phone: 7326946000*725