Homeland Security Proposes New Requirements for Immigration Sponsors

Published: 10/24/2020

Source: Pozo Goldstein

Those who sponsor immigrants for entry and permanent residence in the United States may face serious legal and financial consequences as part of the Trump administration’s ongoing efforts to discourage and to block immigration into this country. A memorandum signed by President Trump in 2019 reinstituted the self-sufficiency rule for immigrant sponsors. This rule requires the immigration sponsor to repay the federal government for any federal means-tested benefits received by the sponsored immigrant. To make matters even worse, the Department of Homeland Security has also proposed a rule that would require the immigration sponsors to provide certified copies of income tax returns covering the previous three years, bank account information and access to credit reports and credit scores.

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Proving Financial Means

These new requirements could significantly reduce the ability of potential sponsors to help their family members to join them in the United States. While the new proposed rule has not yet gone into effect, the long-term consequences of these issues could be devastating for those already in the United States and for their family members or potential employees who may be blocked as a result of these restrictions. In many cases, working with a Miami immigration lawyer can provide added help in overcoming these obstacles and providing the right support for immigrants planning to reunite and to build lives in the United States.

Help for the Immigration Sponsors

Your Miami immigration lawyer will work with you to determine the best course of action for addressing these new requirements and complying with federal law regarding sponsorship of employees or family members. This will help you to manage these proceedings more effectively. By working with an attorney with extensive experience and knowledge of the immigration field, you can protect your own interests and those of your family more effectively in the current hostile environment. This can help you to manage all types of immigration issues more effectively now and in the future.

At Pozo Goldstein, we are committed to helping immigrants achieve their goals of living and working in the United States legally. Our team consists of legal professionals with extensive backgrounds in the immigration field and includes a former judge and two former immigration prosecutors. This allows us to provide you with the accurate and effective solutions for all your immigration concerns. Call us today at 305-856-0400 to schedule your free initial consultation with an experienced Miami immigration lawyer. Pozo Goldstein is here to help you achieve your own American dream.

Source: Pozo Goldstein

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