What is the Minimum Salary to File H1B Visa

Published: 08/01/2020

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The H1B visa is one of the most popular visas due to the benefits it offers. It allows nonimmigrants to work legally in the United States, thus having a better time supporting their families.

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But not everyone can obtain a visa – there’s a lottery going on and not everyone is lucky enough to obtain this visa. Moreover, the H1B status worker may also be interested in how much they are going to get paid if they get a job in the U.S. So, what is the minimum salary to file an H1B visa?

What Is the Minimum Salary for H1B Employees?

It’s known that the H1B visa is a great opportunity for nonimmigrants to obtain a nice job in the United States and start earning money to support themselves and their loved ones. But when it comes to obtaining an H1B visa, there is a minimum wage to be aware of.

But the minimum wage of the job depends on several factors. The type of job, as well as the amount of experience you need for it and the location, are all factors that influence the minimum wage.

The Trump administration came up with a new idea regarding the minimum wage for foreign-born engineers and scientists. Basically, they proposed that these nonimmigrants under H1B status would have a minimum wage of $150,000 to $250,000 or more a year. Of course, it all depends on the type of job and its location.

According to some sources, there are certain people in the administration who don’t like the idea of too many nonimmigrant workers coming to the U.S. As such, they are using the coronavirus pandemic to their advantage, in order to make multiple high-skilled workers from abroad not be able to obtain a job in the States.

Apparently, this restriction that is currently being discussed has been made to stop the entry of some H1B visa holders, respectively those who are not paid at the highest salary level. Level 4 is the highest one.

This makes employers very afraid of what will happen if the restriction will come into place. In their opinion, the current federal government’s system doesn’t reflect market wages as they are. Now with the new proposal, they are worried that this will prevent them from finding the most talented employees to work on tech-related jobs and thus recover from the current economic situation.

Why Is There a Minimum Salary?

There is a reason why the government is so concerned with the way the H1B visa program is selecting the employees. Basically, this program makes sure that not only the employers but also the employees get the right type of treatment when it comes to compensation and salary.

The minimum salary is put in place to make sure that people are getting paid enough for their skills and hard work. Basically, it protects an employee against a very low wage.

How Was the H1B Minimum Salary Determined?

The minimum salary for H1B workers was determined by using the collective union contract. This contract has all the wage rates that apply to different professions. But there are also jobs that are not included in a union contract. If this is the case, it will be determined by looking at the weighted average of salaries that are offered to other employers in other locations who have the same type of employment.

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