USCIS New Public Charge Rule (including Covid-19 updates)

Published: 03/25/2020


A Note About COVID-19

Due to fear of becoming ineligible based on the public charge rule, many prospective visa and green card applicants have decided to forego important benefits and medical care. USCIS has urged all people in the United States, regardless of status, to seek medical treatment if they show symptoms of the coronavirus. Testing, treatment, and preventative care for this pandemic will not affect a person’s eligibility for a visa or green card, even if paid for by a public benefit.

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However, while USCIS acknowledges the potential financial effects of COVID-19, USCIS has not yet created any exemption for financial loss due to the outbreak. If a person applies for public benefits or loses income or financial resources because the pandemic has prevented them from being able to go to work or school, USCIS advises applicants to explain this situation in their application.


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