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New US H-1B norms won't make much of a difference for Indian IT companies

"The new measure will be an unnecessary and expensive burden that will not make much difference to our member firms, which are in the business of providing solutions to client companies," Nasscom said in a statement.

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Trump Cracks Down On H-1B Visa

Bad News for Indian IT Companies! Trump Cracks Down On H-1B Visa

Effective immediately, the new guidance comes weeks ahead of the beginning of the H-1B visas filing season, which is expected to be 2 April, for the American fiscal year 2018-19, which begins on 1 October, 2018.

Companies seeking H-1B visas for their employees working at a third-party site, would now have an intensive paper work to file before submitting their applications.

This includes evidence of actual work assignments, which may include technical documentation, milestone tables, marketing analysis, cost-benefit analysis, brochures, and funding documents.

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US Senate Rejects Immigration Bills; Dreamers, H-1B Visa Aspirants Left in the Lurch

Senators, in a series of votes, failed to muster enough votes for either of the immigration plan to move ahead. In fact, the bill backed by Trump lost 39-60 votes. 

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International student enrollment is decreasing nationwide, but not at SU

Syracuse University has not been affected by a reported nationwide decrease in the number of international students enrolling at colleges in the United States.

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Legislative Update: Sens. Hatch and Flake Propose Employment-Based Reforms

The I-Squared Act of 2018 would increase the H-1B cap to a baseline of 85,000 per year and up to 195,000 in years of high demand, with expanded cap exemptions. In high-demand years, a priority system would be used to allocate cap numbers, with highest priority given to advanced-degree holders.

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US Senator Moves Amendments to Immigration Bill, Could Benefit Professionals From India

The amendments, moved by Senator Orrin Hatch, aim to eliminate annual per-country cap for employment-based green cards so that applicants from more populous countries like India and China are not unfairly discriminated against applicants from less populous countries.

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Brock University to fully pay tuition for international students pursuing PhD

Brock University is increasing its financial support of international students who are pursuing a doctoral degree, part of what is likely to be a wave of such announcements as Ontario universities benefit from increased provincial funding to help recruit and support the world's most talented students.

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USCIS Administrative Appeals Office issues important non-precedent decisions on wage level determinations for H-1B petitions

Beginning in the summer of 2017, employers began to see an increase in Requests for Evidence (RFE) from USCIS on H-1B petitions alleging that the occupation was not a specialty occupation because the employer assigned a level 1 wage. 

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A contradiction in US immigration policy is putting kids of high-skilled workers at risk of deportation

As Congress debates the fate of America’s DREAMers, a group of far more privileged young immigrants is facing a similar problem: The children of highly skilled foreign professionals.

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The children of H-1B visa holders are growing up — and still waiting for green cards

In 2008, the allure of coming to the United States seemed like a two-way street for Chinmoyee Datta. The US would get a qualified teacher in a district that couldn’t find enough instructors and Datta would get to experience an entirely new country.

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